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Pokemon Y ROM Nintendo 3ds Download Chitra and other regions like the US, Japan, Europe Etc. Suppose you like the pokemon series game, then this version of this game is also trendy. If you are already a player in the pokemon X ROM game, you may realize that this game has some exciting features.

This Game publisher is also Nintendo. Like Pokemon X, this version of Pokemon Y also makes with 3ds graphics. In this article, I will share Different region versions like the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, etc., and Pokemon Y ROM CIA Version.

NamePokemon Y Nintendo 3ds
Updated04 Jun 2021
ConsoleNintendo 3ds
ROM Type3ds
Size1.3 GB

There are many games available in the pokemon series. Pokemon Y is one of the most popular games in all series. Do you know about polygonal graphics? These graphics are 3d based graphics. You can move your gaming character anywhere you want. If you play a modern 3d roleplay game, you will understand how this game graphics will be.

Pokemon Y ROM

Highlighted Features – Pokemon Y ROM

For me, Pokemon has always been a deeply personal game that You can easily share amongst friends. It’s fun to play your way through and experience the simple tale of a young trainer trying to become a champion While learning about the world. But what makes it a great social. Experience as sharing those stories with. Friends, perhaps they haven’t made it as Far because they enjoy breeding and cultivating their favourite team may be.

They had those elements. And I’m happy to report that so does X&Y., like all Pokemon games; you’re cast in the shoes of a young Pokemon trainer who has just moved to the Kalos region. Thanks to a group of 4 other kids. you soon have your first Pokemon. a Pokedex, and the goal of the meeting.

Pokemon Thunder Yellow

Professor Sycamore, and like the other games, that goal expands to include becoming a pokemon champion and stopping the plans of the flashy team flare. But many of the elements of past games have been downplayed here. There are no fierce rivalries with another trainer. But their plans are surprisingly apocalyptic. But many more minor feuds with a ranger trainers team flare are also a bit goofier than most other teams.

Also, check out Pokemon Thunder Yellow.

While playing, you can use different options while battling on Pokemon Y Rom. For example, you can use your support items to fight or just run away. Sometimes running away will preserve your pokemon health, and sometimes, you need to go to the nearest medical support.

Pokemon Thunder yellow Gameplay3

Highlighted Features

This Version of the pokemon game Will gives you the full entertainment you expected. Here are the key features of this Pokemon Y ROM.

  • Graphics Improvement
  • Polygonal graphics
  • Training Methods
  • Player Search System
  • The player can now walk 8 direction
  • It is now possible to encounter several wild Pokémon at once

What’s New On Pokemon Y 3ds Version

There is something new on Pokemon Y ROM and guess what. We already discussed earlier that it’s graphic. The Grafix of pokemon X is better than the other previous series. You can move your character in 8 directions. Pokemon fighting scenario and attacking effect are more realistic. With the improved version of other series, it brings some new storyline in this game.

  • The player now has the ability to rollerskate, at least under certain conditions
  • Player Can now Grind And Overcome Obstacles.
  • Gogoat and Rhyhorn can be ridden in certain locations
  • Players Can Destroy Rocks And Walk to the broken path
  • Player Search System (PSS)It is now possible to encounter several wild Pokémon at once
  • One new type has been introduced, the Fairy type
  • X and Y will feature Gyms like every other main series title.

There’s one thing I feel is still worth mentioning the player search system or PSS. It’s with you from the moment you start your game. and it’s a constant connection between you and a world of other players. You can do battles Trading everything you can do with another player through that system. It’s relatively quick easy and can be done anytime or anywhere. It becomes such a link to the experience you want to have. I’ve decided not to give a separate score for the multiplayer because you can use it as much or as little as you want.

New Features On Pokemon Y ROM

Storyline Of Pokemon Y 3ds Nintendo

It’s not a story that will blow anyone away. But it’s pleasant and straightforward, and that’s the feeling that permeated every bit of this game. I had this overwhelming feeling of delight with each new route in town I visited. I was excited to see the next place because the designs were so rich and full of personality.

The developer said that they wanted the theme of X&Y to be the beauty in all things. And I fully believe they nailed it. Because maybe I’m just a sucker for these things, but I felt like. The Game pulled me into Kalos, and that’s likely because of the new 3d engine. The world of x and y is rendered in such loving detail that it’s difficult not to get taken in by it it’s oddly kind of breathtaking. When I showed her the opening sequence, we’ve sprite-based Pokemon so long that it becomes impressive when you finally see it in full 3d.

Battles And Type Of Pokemon

Then there are the Pokemon battles. My biggest fear coming into this game was that they’d be painfully slow, much like the Pokemon Stadium games. But that isn’t the case at all battles are snappy and visually impressive. Mainly because of the sheer size of the game.

There are over 700 different Pokemon models in the game. Hundreds more if you include gender differences from changes and mega evolutions. However, all that detail comes at a bit of a cost. While not always, there are hints of slowdown. That occurred during more intensive fights. Otherwise, battles themselves play out pretty much as always. It’s simple to pick up and play for newcomers. But there are plenty of new abilities, moves, and Pokemon for veterans to explore. As well the ferry type adds more to the game than you might expect.

Pokemon Battles

Add in the fact that all participating Pokemon earn equivalent experience even while catching new Pokemon. And it doesn’t take long to start gaining an incredible amount of levels. At first, I thought this was a great feature, but I noticed that I was barely using half my team after a while. Fortunately, it can be turned off if you want more of a classic experience. I still think it’s a good idea, though, even if it wasn’t for me. It takes care of one of the complaints that newcomers have and helps make grinding Pokemon. For your Pokedex much quicker, and that’s the common theme I found in Pokemon Y ROM.

Pokemon Y Gameplay

Download Pokemon Y ROM 3ds And CIA For Free

Pokemon Y ROM is very popular in the Pokemon series. You can directly download this from downopen.com. This is a high-speed download link. If you have a good internet connection, then you can download it within a few minutes. Download the game, play as a Pokemon trainer, conquer the Kalos region, and beat the trainers to become champions! I will include Y Rom Encrypted Files. Y ROM Decrypted Files And CIA Files. With 5 regions. So you can download your region file easily.

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