Pokemon X ROM

Pokemon X Rom Nintendo 3ds Download. This is 3ds ROM based on Nintendo. It Is a trendy game you can’t ignore. If you like pokemon games or play a different kind of pokemon game, this ROM is good. I Will share Pokemon X ROM for the different regions, both Encrypted And Decrypted and the CIA file.

NamePokemon X Nintendo 3ds
Updated On02 June 21
ConsoleNintendo 3ds

There are many games available in the pokemon series. Pokemon X is one of the most popular games in all series. Do you know about polygonal graphics? These graphics are 3d based graphics. You can move your gaming character anywhere you want. If you play a modern 3d roleplay game, you will understand how this game graphics will be.

Pokemon X ROM

Highlighted Features – Pokemon X ROM

When Coming to the pokemon world, you may find a different interesting character. Just like other pokemon games, you will find different pokemon characters and places. You will catch new pokemon play, grow them, and fight the battle against other well-trained gym masters.

While playing, you can use different options while battling on Pokemon X. For example, you can use your support items to fight or just run away. Sometimes running away will preserve your pokemon health, and sometimes, you need to go to the nearest medical support.

Pokemon game Start

Your adventure takes place in the expansive Kalos region, where you’ll explore cities, meet people, and encounter many Pokémon! You’ll be able to play as a boy or a girl, and you can choose how your hero looks overall! Find a look that suits you, and then set off on your travels! Don’t miss Lumiose City, the region’s central hub, where you’ll return many times on your journey.

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  • Graphics Improvement
  • Polygonal graphics
  • Training Methods
  • Player Search System
  • The player can now walk 8 direction
  • It is now possible to encounter several wild Pokémon at once

This Version of the pokemon game Will gives you the full entertainment you expected. Here are the key features of this X ROM.

Pokemon X ROM

What’s New On This ROM 3ds Version

There is something new on Pokemon X and guess what. We already discussed earlier that it’s graphic. The Grafix of pokemon X is better than the other previous series. You can move your character in 8 directions. Pokemon fighting scenario and attacking effect are more realistic. With the improved version of other series, it brings some new storyline in this game.

  • The player now has the ability to rollerskate, at least under certain conditions.
  • Player Can now Grind And Overcome Obstacles.
  • Gogoat and Rhyhorn can be ridden in certain locations
  • Players Can Destroy Rocks And Walk to the broken path
  • Player Search System (PSS)
  • It is now possible to encounter several wild Pokémon at once
  • One new type has been introduced, the Fairy type
  • X and Y will feature Gyms like every other main series title.
Pokemon X ROM3

Storyline Of This game

Kalos is a star-shaped Pokemon land. You will go on your adventure from there. While playing this game, you will meet some acquaintances. At first, you will meet a funny character, the professor. He is researching pokemon and looking for you. You will meet many people along the way. We will face many well-trained and dangerous pokemon. You have to fight and win to take your place. Make sure you Download the correct region or files. Below you will see several download links of Pokemon X ROM. Make sure to choose the correct one.

Pokemon X Gameplay

Download Pokemon X ROM 3ds And CIA For Free

Pokemon X ROM is very popular in the Pokemon series. You can directly download this from downopen.com. This is a high-speed download link. If you have a good internet connection, then you can download it within a few minutes. Download the game, play as a Pokemon trainer, conquer the Kalos region, and beat the trainers to become champions! I will include X Rom Encrypted Files. X ROM Decrypted Files And CIA Files. With 5 regions. So you can download your region file easily.

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