Pokemon Godra Game Download V2.0 Updated

Pokemon Godra is one of the fan-made ROM. This game has many new features that will inspire you to play and download this game. Because there was a high demand for the PC version, the developers of this game made it available. Pokemon Godra Download Version is an RPG-based game in which the main character must switch between locations and discover some hidden areas.

Most game enthusiasts are constantly asking for a Pokemon game that is entirely based on personality development. Certain new Pokemon are now available to play and select as your starter Pokemon. Let’s get started and see what special features are available in the game.

Pokemon Godra Important Info

Full NamePokemon Godra
GenreIndie and Adventure
Release Date2015

Pokemon Godra Game Overview

If you’re tired of the familiar mechanics in Pokemon games, such as becoming a Pokemon Master, you might choose to play Pokemon Godra. The game is similar to other games in the Pokemon series. You have to save for the critical point of being a trainer and catching Pokemon in gameplay. If you wish, you can still discover these things as Godra focuses on offering people the freedom to choose and find.

Pokemon Godra Overview

The game allows you to roam freely across the Region. But your choices and play style determine your route. This unofficial game is still getting updates from its author. So be sure to save your progress frequently. I suggest this because your game may become unstable during the upgrade process. It is a notion you may wish to experiment with.


This version of ROM has given you complete freedom over the customisation of your character. The game features an option to personalise practically every Pokemon character. You can customise them according to your needs. Possibility to change colour customise them differently. These options may differ from prior instalments in the Pokémon series. Ensure that you are putting your customisations together with some incredible skills and abilities. The Pokedex is also expanded to include a few new Pokémon. In addition to the challenges that lie ahead, fresh discoveries may await you.

Pokemon Godra 4

Over 100 Pokemon To Find

In this case, we repeat ourselves, but you could think of this as a combination of Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green. The author selects every pokemon from the original game. The same moves that a Pokemon learns from the previous generation’s Pokemon. Fire or Leaf will not be replaced with movements from the evolved form. Hand-drawn sprites represent all these Pokemon. These spirits help to maintain their original appearances as much as possible. We previously mentioned that there are specific places in which certain Legendary Pokemon will appear. In addition to the new dungeon, the author also added sprites. The creator has also added some new overworld sprites. I think all Pokemon fans will appreciate this.

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Gen 1 to 6 Pokemon available

An immense number of adjustments have been made to the Pokémon in Pokémon Godra. All generation 1-6 pokemon included in Pokemon godra. As the author introduced them after Generation 2, both types are very likely to run into species that appeared in later generations. The moves on these Pokemon are not going to change, nor will the Pokemon themselves. There may be additional moves for these Pokemon in the future. You can also check pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Pokemon Godra 3

Certain Legendary Pokemon available

Legendary or Mythical Pokemon are all new additions. Even though some of the original Pokemon from the first generation, such as Eevee, Charmander, and Squirtle, might not appear in Pokemon Godra, it doesn’t mean that none of them will appear. You are bound to encounter old-school Pokemon in Pokemon Godra if you can’t find them via specific methods.

Graphics Quality

If I talk about the animation of pokemon godra, the animation is beautiful. You can see some effects in the animation. It’s noticeable each creature doing something different. The Pokemon following you around has a sprite that transitions to its evolved form when it develops. I mentioned earlier the developer team often update this game. So in every update, the game comes with new graphical improvements and Also some new features. And for this, the Pokemon Sprites is modified regularly. Additionally, they occasionally have to be altered because of shadow issues in Pokemon Godra.

Pokemon Godra Grafics Quality

Battle System

This is the Pokemon Godra style of PvP battles within a Pokemon game. This battle features a flat 3D environment that contains four different regions to explore. You can fight Pokemon in over WiFi or wireless connections. But you can’t play against other trainers from Pokemon Godra. It depends on the internet connection, random encounters and the battles with other players online. There is one thing you can utilise the Pokemon that you captured in the competition. Take the adventure as party members.

The functions mentioned above is known as “arena mode. This arena mode also permitted Pokemon battles with others on your server. This environment allows players to fight against others Pokemon without having first encountered them via trade. Battle Adventure has taken the place of it. It would be best if you changed the vibe of Pokemon Godra to something more. You can use it akin to Pokemon Stadium 2. A great environment where people from all over the world can compete with one another. Pokemon won in Battle Adventures are claimed Pokemon and cannot be utilised unless traded through local wireless or WiFi.

Some Good Feature Of This Game

  • Developer team update this game
  • Nice graphical interface
  • New storyline included
  • Battles have now some new animation
  • 1-6th generation pokemon included
  • Some new Pokemon added in Pokedex
  • Soundtrack and music system improvement
  • Discover your enimies
  • You can play this on pc and android

Pokemon Godra Gameplay

Download Pokemon Godra V2.0 Free

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