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Pokemon Bloody Platinum is a great remake version of Pokémon Platinum. There are some major changes in this version. Probably the storyline is the same. You can download the platinum version. Buffy made this version. This form is available in 7 versions of the language. The languages are English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and Korean. The Author started this version on 18th July 2008.

Catching Pokemon is the main goal of this game. This game is made for both male and female characters. There are a lot of features available in this version of pokemon. This is the remake version. So it’s obvious the features will be different and improved. Here let’s have a look at this games awesome features.

Pokemon Bloody Platinum

Pokemon Bloody Platinum Main Features

Pokemon Bloody Platinum A remake of Pokémon Platinum
Total Language7 Language
Start Date18th July 2008
Release Date23rd December 2011

Detailed Info About This Game

Here the detailed info I shared may not be matched with your expectation. I make my opinion here. I will discuss the good and bad features of this game. Also, what should be needed to include in this version and so much stuff. Stick to this article to know more about this version of rom.

All pokemon game has some basic features like player selection basic gameplay. At the start of this game, you will see the basic features. Each character of this game is different. The graphics and movement for each character are also different. Like the pokemon blaze black, all characteristics of this game has their own abilities.

Pokemon Bloody Platinum Fight

You can see different kinds of routes in this game. You can choose these new routes during the game and the catching process. One of the most notable features of these routes is that the route leader has his own pokemon.

Diurnal and Nocturnal Pokemon System

This game has this awesome feature. The diurnal and nocturnal feature makes this game unique. You can enjoy this feature because this feature is popular. You will have different kinds of pokemon with different abilities. This feature allows you to divide pokemon into some kinds. When you play this game, you will understand more.

Pokemon X ROM

Pokemon Y ROM

Pokemon Catch Time

You can catch different pokemon at different times. There is some time limitation to catch pokemon. Like there are 48 Pokemon that You can only catch during the morning. The time is 4 am – 9.59 am. There are 46 pokemon you can only catch during the day, 10 AM to 7.59 PM. And at night, you can catch 49 pokemon. The night pokemon catch time is 8 pm – 3.59 am.

Pokemon Bloody Platinum3

Female And Male Pokemon Have Got Different Sprites!

Pokemon Bloody Platinum has male and female pokemon. And yes, they have got different sprites. Let me clear this for you. The pokemon will have a different pose. Male pokemon stand the way he looks is different than female pokemon. That means you can detect them by seeing that they are male or female pokemon. They also have a darker and lighter face. You can choose them according to you.

Pokemon Bloody Platinum4

Installing The Game Version

Download a copy of Pokemon Platinum. And you need to download the modified ROM from this article. Then you can apply the rom and end up with Pokemon Bloody Platinum. This is the original version made by Buffy and uploaded by Suicune. We are only sharing them here. You can also find the source by searching on the internet.

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Some Evolutions available in the Game:

  • Clamperl -Waterstone- Gorebyss
  • OR -Level 38- Huntail
  • Dusclops -Level 55- Dusknoir
  • Electabuzz -Level 50- Electivire
  • Graveler -Level 41- Golem
  • Haunter -Level 40- Gengar
  • Kadabra -Level 38- Alakazam
  • Machoke -Level 40- Machamp
  • Magmar -Level 50- Magmortar
  • Onix -Level 38- Steelix
  • Poliwhirl -Level 38- Politoed
  • OR -Waterstone- Poliwrath
  • Porygon -Level 38- Porygon2
  • Porygon2 -Level 52- Porygon-Z
  • Rhydon -Level 58- Rhyperior
  • Scyther -Level 40- Scizor
  • Seadra -Level 49- Kingdra
  • Slowpoke -Level 37- Slowbro
  • OR -Waterstone- Slowking

Some Amazing Features Of Pokemon Bloody Platinum

Here are some features you can look into. You can catch all 491 pokemon at once before you can catch the Elite 4. There are some legendary pokemon added in Pokemon bloody platinum. At the early stage of this game, you can catch all starter 12 pokemon. You can Use the Old Rod to catch more Pokemon than Magicarp. Also, get Much more powerful Gym Leaders (their Pokemon have cool move sets. You can capture up to 14 different Pokemon on various Routes. And many features here I am giving a list of important features.

  • Catch all 493 Pokemon (all Pokemon can be caught as wild Pokemon)
  • It is possible to capture 491 before defeating the Elite 4
  • New legendary pokemon
  • You can catch all 493 pokemon
  • Legendary Pokemon from previous versions are extremely uncommon
  • Early in the game, catch all 12 starter Pokemon
  • Use the Old Rod to catch more Pokemon than Magicarp
  • Wild Pokemon with higher levels (up to level 90)
  • Each Pokemon in “The Legendary 5” has unique moves
  • You can capture up to 14 different Pokemon on various Routes
  • A large number of wild pokemon carry items
  • Every berry can be obtained from Trainer Battles
  • Oak as the new prof
  • Every pokemon route was overworked
  • You can now capture at least 10(up to 14) different Pokemon on each route
  • The adversary and Gym Leaders deploy considerably more powerful Pokemon

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